Repairs and maintenance for business signs

We perform a range of repairs on business signs, from fixing electrical faults to removing graffiti, making structural repairs and repairing neon signs. All of the work we do is performed safely by trained and experienced repairers.

Many of our clients call us when the LEDs in their sign begin to fail. We are then able to efficiently replace internal LEDs, rather than the entire sign. We can also replace faulty neon signs with LED or neon LED signs, which are cheaper and safer to run.

Our electricians are able to repair electrical faults in business signs, if they’re not illuminating or flashing incorrectly, as well as other electrical issues. All of the repairs we do are performed efficiently, and to a high standard.

Why maintenance matters

Business signs and other styles of signage that are regularly maintained last longer. As a result, you spend less on major repairs, since small issues are dealt with before they become harder and more expensive to deal with.

Maintenance also matters to your clients. A sign in disrepair reflects poorly on a business, no matter how amazing its products or services may be. Simply maintaining your signage regularly ensures it looks as great as your business.

Book your maintenance

If you’d like your business signs regularly maintained by our team, please get in touch. We can provide a cost-effective quote based on your maintenance requirements, or simply call us when you need our signage repair services.

Our Services include: