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Fire Damaged Shopping Centre Signage… SSMWA to the Rescue!

By April 18, 2018September 8th, 2020No Comments

Sometimes, no matter how rigorous your signage maintenance routine is, unforeseen circumstances signs can arise. When a sign a Coles Hillary’s was affected by a large bin fire, we needed to find a solution was needed fast to repair the damage to the building sign.

Coles Hillarys building sign damaged from fire

Upon inspection and removal, we were able to reuse 90% of the existing sign frame, with a clean up, re-paint, new flex-face and LED’s required to get it back to 100%.

Coles Hillarys building signage removal after fire

Coles Hillarys Building Sign Replacement

In a little over a week since the fire, the repaired sign was back up on the wall shining bright like nothing had ever happened.

Coles Hillarys Building Signage Replacement

The sign has now been restored to its former glory. Smoke damage to the building was later cleaned up by the centre’s building maintenance crew.

Your brand is one of your most important assets, if you have damaged signage, give us a call, we can give you quote to get you back on track and looking smart as quick.