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10 reasons why LED signs rule

By December 14, 2020No Comments

If you’re looking to have LED signs installed at your business, this blog is for you. Today, we’ve listed the top 10 reasons why LED signs are some of the most effective, affordable and versatile signs on the market.

Here’s what you need to know.

LED Sign

1. LED signs look cool

There’s no two ways about it, LED signs look bloody cool. And it’s not just businesses who have embraced the trend. Over the past 5 years we’ve seen more people buying statement LED signs to hang in their homes. Of course, our specialty is business and commercial signage, so if you want a little LED in your life, feel free to get in touch.

2. Good to the planet

The lights used in LEDs contain many small LED lights, which make them far more energy efficient than neon signs. They also use around 85% less energy than standard lighting. So, you’ll save on your power bill, while doing your bit for the environment. We believe signage doesn’t have to have a big environmental footprint, which is why LED signs are one of our favourites.

3. They’re hard to break

LED signs are made out of a flexible plastic tube, which means they can be easily manipulated into different shapes. This also means they’re less breakable than traditional neon lights, which are made of fragile moulded glass. When it comes to signage, keeping the public safe is so important. This is why LED signs are a great, safe option.

4. Brighter and better

LED sign boards and signs are around 5 to 6% brighter than traditional neon signs. This makes them a popular choice for businesses who want eye catching signage day and night. LED signs are perfect for pharmacies, schools, mine sites, petrol stations and other commercial sites that value high visibility.

Rope Neon Sign for BGC

5. Save your money

LED signs are surprisingly affordable and relatively simple to install. Of course, you will need a professional LED sign board installer to ensure your signage is safely installed, and to increase the longevity of your signage. Overall you’ll save more over the life of your business by installing quality LED signage.

6. LED signs make great shapes

The malleability of LED signs makes them perfect for creating logos, different styles of lettering and other designs. Many of our clients even use LED signs as statement art pieces within their business. We have the capabilities to create most shapes, sizes and logos in our fully-equipped Malaga metal shop.

7. Safe and sound

LED signs run at a relatively low voltage of 24V/120V. That means they’re far safer than neon lights, which run at a much higher voltage. LED signs are also very difficult to break, and when installed correctly, are very safe. Keeping your team and members of the public safe is so important to us. This is why we always install our LED signs to the highest safety standards.

8. Built to last

LED lights last longer than any other kind of globe. Estimates say they go 20,000 hours longer (2.2 years) than traditional neon. And they last longer than normal incandescent light globes (which actually have the shortest life span of any globe). If you want a style of signage that looks amazing for longer LED is a great choice.

9. Easy to repair and replace

The best way to keep your LED signs going for longer, is to have them regularly maintained by a signage professional. If repairs or replacements are needed, it’s always cheaper to get them sorted earlier. In most cases, small problems can be easily fixed early, before they turn into larger, more expensive issues.

10. LED signs are stylish

LED signboards and signs are a stylish way to showcase your brand. The nostalgic feel of neon combined with feel-good bright colours inevitably turns heads, which is exactly what your business deserves. LED signs are also easy to customise, which means we can develop a design and colour scheme that matches your business.

Want LED signs in your life?

If you’re interested in adding a little LED to your life, we’re happy to help. Our signage professionals can discuss your ideas and requirements, and provide you with a free quote to consider.

We love making and installing LED signs and LED sign boards for businesses in Western Australia and the NT. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.