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Giant Illuminated Sign Rejuvenation for McInerney Ford

By May 10, 2018September 8th, 2020No Comments

Yesterday we had a blue kind of day. The team at Sign Services & Maintenance WA lifted this massive 5 metre long Ford logo light box from the top of its pylon at McInerney Ford in Morley for a bit of a refresh after a fair few years out in the sun.

Long-term exposure to the elements can take its toll on your signs. Paint can fade, plastic can discolour and crack and electrical wiring can degrade. All this can leave your signs looking very sad and worse – become a definite safety risk.

The old worn faces on the Ford sign were removed, the box was cleaned up and all new faces were installed in the afternoon, and the next morning it was lifted right back into place.

How’s that for a 24hr maintenance initiative that’ll give this sign many more years of life! We’re the big sign specialist and are always up for the challenge.

5m wide Ford lightbox signMaintaining the fluorescent lights inside the Ford lightbox signThe huge Ford lightbox signThe huge Ford lightbox sign