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SSMWA fabricates and installs illuminated signage for The Adnate –  a new Perth hotel inspired by renowned street artist, Matt Adnate.

Developing out-of-the-box solutions for clients who appreciate eye-catching signage just as much as we do, is one of our favourite things. Ever.

This is exactly what we did with The Adnate, a 250-room hotel, located in the heart of Perth’s CBD. If you’ve driven down St George’s Terrace recently, it’s hard to miss.

That’s because the exterior features a massive ‘mega mural’ – a multi-cultural portrait that spans 25 storeys. It’s one of the largest murals in the world, and worth a look if you’re around Perth City.

Scope of works

Game Plan Media engaged us to fabricate and install illuminated signage on both the 25th and first floor of The Adnate.

Our team also had to come up with a new style of construction method, in order meet the unique requirements of the project.

Of course, we’re always up for a challenge, and found an effective construction method, which matched our client’s needs.

The entire project took three-months to complete – and all elements of the job were satisfied within time and budget.

The Adnate Hotel Signage
The Adnate Hotel Signage Installation


Approximately 10 signage experts worked across The Adnate Hotel project, to ensure a high standard of craftmanship and quality.

We had two installers working on the roof, as well as three abseilers, in order to install the finished signage.

When it came to construction, our team included a router operator and two welders, who worked to create the open pan faces.

Finally, we had two sign makers in charge of stringing the rope neon, to ensure it looked just as amazing as we had planned.

Interesting facts

As a result of new fire ratings coming into effect recently, our team had to alter the construction method and materials normally used to create this style of signage.

In the past, we would have used acrylic faces as diffuser panels, but since this was no longer possible, our team came up with a new construction method, which worked exceptionally well.

We also had to use rope neon LEDs to create the signage, since the stroke of the letter was too small for perforated aluminium faces.

On top of this, we cut the architectural aluminium fins in order to recess the sign into the fins, which enabled us to create the finish the designer desired.

The Adnate Hotel Sign Under Construction
The Adnate Hotel Illuminated Signage

That’s a wrap!

Working with Game Plan Media to create signage for The Adnate was an incredible experience for all of us.

The designer’s vision did require us to adapt certain construction methods, but evolving our practices to create just the right result is all part of what we do.

We hope you take a moment to admire The Adnate and it’s mega-mural next time you’re in Perth’s CBD. (And our signage too please!)

If you need quality-made signage for your business, please get in touch. We’d be happy to supply you with a quote and recommendations on the most effective way forward.